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Victory Monday Post Game Wrap Up

The Josh Doctson catch with a minute to to go in the game, was definitely the game changing play. Going through social media today many Skins fans are optimistic, but still not sold on Kirk Cousins as the Redskins franchise QB. Well that will have to be a story for another time because this post will focus on what the Skins did right vs Seattle. Who knows what’s going to happen on the next 8 games, but there is new hope for this Redskins team going forward. The Coaches prepared 2nd/3rd stringers for the challenge, showing that they belonged in the NFL vs the highly touted Seahawks. I’ll go through a few plays that stood out to me, as well as the players that stepped up in a big way!

*Kirk, Gruden and the Redskins Offense*

I came across an interesting statistic regarding cousins that was a surprising. Cousins has led 11 game winning drives out of his last 40 starts dating back to 2015. That’s an impressive statistic for a QB that many are still on the fence about, but today Skins fans must rejoice and keep the faith in our QB. As for Head Coach Jay Gruden he needs to call a better game, but as fans we don’t know which plays Gruden called and if Cousins audibled out of them. Many fans were confused why the Skins weren’t utilizing the “Quick Pass game”. After I re-watched the game, the play calling was not as cut and dry as it first seemed. On many plays the Redskins O-line was being pushed back into Kirk’s lap. Frequently Cousins had to pass up his first two options because he simply couldn’t see with a rush in his face. His O-line was consistently falling back into him. This O-Line played valiantly, but I hope we can get a few starters back before Kirk’s KO’d.

*The Catch*

*The 2 Point Score That Never Was*

The “Cerebral Assassin” is Back!*

*The Return of “The OG”*

*The Mid-Season MVP*

Stayed tuned for the next B&G Report with Rookie Spotlight on former Alabama OLB Ryan Anderson! HTTR!🏹🏈

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