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The Glass Half Full

Skins Post Game

The loss to New Orleans has to go down as one of the most disappointing losses in recent memory. Last week came close though. As Redskins Fans we know this feeling all too well. As a Die Hard Skins Fan, I have to look at this season with a “Glass Half Full” mentality. Redskins fans are upset and placing the blame across the board. Social media was lit up with upset Skins fans. The Kirk Cousins must gofans, the Defense is just as bad aslast year crowd and Fire Gruden Couch GM’s. The truth is I believe these coaches have done a great job getting 3rd, 4th even 5th string players ready to start each week and staying competitive. The revolving door will continue next week with the more injuries mounting. The fact that the Redskins had the Saints down by two scores with under ten minutes left in the 4th quarter, spoke volumes of this teams talent. The Saints exploited the Redskins weakness and capitalized on their mental mistakes in the end. Drew Brees is a future Hall Famer for a reason and their Coach Sean Payton is one of the best in the game. So yes the Skins blew it in crunch time once again, but these experiences will help this team improve. Injuries are a part of the game, but the Skins have really been cursed. Now it’s up to the coaches to continue to get the newcomers ready for game action.

Cousins and Gruden

The intentional grounding call, has to be one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen! Although Kirk did what Gruden told him to do, which was throw it away towards the sideline if he had nothing, Kirk still can’t be so damn robotic! I understand Cousins has had pressure in his face immediately after the snap every week, but he’s has to make a play in that situation. During the press conference Cousins mentioned he checked out of a run play based on the defenses formation. With a FG attempt about 53 yards away, a run up the gut should have been the call. Gruden and Cousins just don’t seem like a duo willing to get creative. Good players move on from that kind of mental error, but great ones don’t repeat the same mistakes and improve. Unfortunately at the moment Kirk is a good player, but has a long way to go before he can be an elite signal caller. I just don’t know if he can ever be elite with his current mentality. Recent reports came out that the NFL admitted that no flag should have been thrown for intentional grounding. Kirk has got to learn from these mistakes and improve.

The drops by his receivers and tight ends have become too much to bare at times as well. At the moment there is not a cure all for what ails this offense, but the rest of the season is an opportunity to build chemistry with new starters. Players such as Doctson, Mo Harris, Perine and Sprinkle are the future of this offense. I like Crowder, but his size and consistent Injury issues have made me question his long term future. I think he’s the Skins best option at slot receiver at the moment, but a good draft could change that. Crowder has looked average this year. Reports previously came out that he expects to make $10 + mil a year when he becomes a FA. I think the Skins brass needs to think long and hard about offering that type of money to the former Duke receiver. They are better off investing in an up in incoming prospect like Harris, albeit on cheaper deal and drafting another mid round slot WR/Returner. The receivers just need time and more experience working together. Regardless of what happens with the Cousins contract situation, the Skins need to invest in a franchise running back if they want to take the next step.

The Defense Blew it Again

Hey the defense had a pretty strong game for the second week in a row. Unfortunately games have four quarters, not three. Coach Manusky and the position coaches have put these players in a position to succeed every week. Blown tackles, missed assignments and flat out laziness has been the issue. DJ Swearinger is a player that looks great at times. Unfortunately whenDJ’s teammates make mistakes, he seems to follow suit. I still really like the future for this defense though. Yes every team deals with injuries, but I would say that losing rookie DE John Allen and having Matt Ioannidis (brokenhand) at 50% is a huge blow to this defense. They haven’t given up though and I expect to see the same hustle to end the season on a strong note.

How Do they Move Forward?

The Redskins have a short week and play the Giants on Thanksgiving Night. As the injuries continue to mount, I wonder if it’s time to see what some of the other Practice Squad players can offer. Recently elevated from the Practice Squad receiver Mo Harris has looked good. I think it’s time to see what other PS players can contribute to this team. This isn’t given up on the season at all, it’s just admitting that the current talent isn’t producing. I’m looking for rookies Robert Davis and Fish Smithson to get elevated soon. Although Davis is raw, at 6’3 he runs a 4.4 and is very strong (deadliftedover 350). This move could happen with Pryor going to IR earlier today. As for Smithson many observers focused on his lack of height. He played both safety positions in college and at 5’11 196 lbs, the Kansas product has a chance to make an immediate impact. At the moment only D.Hall, Swearinger and Everett are healthy enough to suit up. So Fish could see some action soon. As Gruden states a running back will also be needed and I don’t see that option on the Practice Squad. It’s a long shot, but I’d make a call to last years free agent pickup Pierre Thomas to see if he’s in shape. It’s not time to break out your Mock Drafts, but it is time to see what some of these youngsters can do. I’m personally still optimistic with the upcoming schedule and view this as a chance to showcase some 💎 in the rough prospects.

Until next time Skins Nation! HTTR!🏹🏈



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