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Welcome back to The Burgundy and Gold Report’s first Special Edition. Super Bowl XVII winning tight end Rick Doc Walker was kind enough to take time out of his busy day to participate in a Q&A session.

Greatness is not only defined by skill and desire, but accomplished through perseverance and heart. Walker displayed those traits every time he took the field.

Walker isn’t just a member of the historical Joe Gibbs ‘82 Super Bowl team, he also contributed to the culture that made the Washington Redskins a team rich in tradition. Look no further than the touchdown celebration pioneered by Walker and his teammates, playfully named The Fun Bunch.

As many fans witnessed during the ‘80’s and ‘90s, winning or losing, when a touchdown was scored the Skins players gathered in the end zone for the their aerial high five! Those were exciting times to be a Redskins fan. As exciting as it was to watch the Fun Bunch, Walker was also a part of infamous The Hogs. In my humble opinion, it’s a right of passage as a die-hard Redskins fan to celebrate the greatness of The Hogs.

Growing up my father always told me about the toughness of his beloved Redskins. Most notably Rick Doc Walker and the rest of The Hogs. I became more familiar with Walker during his post playing career, as a Redskins broadcaster and analyst.

Walker became notorious for using hard hitting terms to describe players such as; “Savages” and “Neanderthals”. He is the most exciting sideline reporter I’ve witnessed and always look forward to his post game analysis. He’s equally critical in a Redskins loss, as he is with a win. He is a realist, who believes players should pay their dues and play for the love of the game because it’s a privilege to play in the NFL.

Walker is a self described “Competition Addict” and his player and game evaluations never disappoint or lack energy. His contributions off the the field as a motivational speaker, seem like an ideal avenue to spread his positivity.

In a society filled with negativity and controversy, Walker’s positive outlook is second to none. His contributions towards the Muscular Dystrophy Association and National Kidney Foundation just to name a few, demonstrate his willingness to help others.

Walker was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions during our Twitter Q&A for the readers to discuss the season ahead. Let’s get to it!

B&G Report:

The acquisition of quarterback Alex Smith and the ability he posses to help improve the Redskins run game, has me most excited. What are your thoughts on Smith running Gruden’s scheme and do you think that will put more emphasis on the run game in 2018?

B&G Report:

I’m a big Anthony Lanier II fan. He seems to be really humble, but seems like a hungry player. What kind of contribution in Manusky’s Defense do you envision him having in 2018?

B&G Report:

You played Tight End in the 70’s and 80’s for the Redskins, going against some of the toughest lineman to ever play in the trenches. The fact that the Redskins don’t use a fullback, puts more emphasis on the Tight Ends setting the edge in the run game. Can Jeremy Sprinkle be a valuable contributor to the Skins run game this year?

I want to personally thank Mr. Rick Doc Walker for taking the time with The Burgundy and Gold Report to indulge myself and the readers with his inside knowledge and foresight.

Mr Walker, please continue to inspire Redskins fans to focus on the rich tradition of the team and players. Always focusing on the next man up and recognizing the players that bleed and sweat for the burgundy & gold.

Follow Rick Doc Walker on Twitter @RickDocWalker and Hail to Doc Walker and Hail to the Redskins.


Written By Adam Aniba



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