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B&G– I couldn’t agree with you more Marvin and props to being the first question of the day! I think we will see the Redskins target a running back in the first three rounds in the 2018 draft. I actually did extensive scouting on KC’s RB Kareem Hunt, who killed the Redskins defense in the second half of Monday Night matchup in KC. The Skins really need a running back who can excel at pass catching, as well as grinding between the tackles. Penn States Sequon Barkley is the nations #1 rated rusher and a beast of a runner! Barkley seems be at top 20 pick at this point in the college season. That’s too high for my blood and I think with the Matt Jones 3rd round flop, the Skins might be a bit gunshy. I do like a few 2018 Draft prospects who could possibly be available in rounds 2-4, starting with University of Alabama’s Bo Scarborough. Bo is a massive man at 6’2 233, but runs a reported 4.50 40 which is crazy!  He’s built similar to his former teammate and current Tennessee Titan’s running back Derek Henry, but Bo is s better pass catcher and much shiftier. The Bama product looks to be a second round pick at this point, but a lot of scouting still must be done. I also like University of Georgia’s Nick Chubb. He’s dealt with a 2015 knee injury, as well as a few other nagging injuries. These types of consistent leg injuries will cause him to fall to rounds 2 or 3. When healthy he is a playmaker and could add a dimension that the Redskins don’t have in their stable of backs. Personally I’m waiting for Redskins 4th running back Mack Brown to get more of an opportunity. I think Brown can be a 20 carry a game back. Brown can also contribute in the passing game much like  Chris “Mighty Mouse” Thompson. I’d like to see Skins keep him active and let him take over returning punts for a hobbled Crowder. This would be anothet opportunity to show coaches his playmaking ability. We shall see though, Gruden is commited to Kelly and Perine, but the latest Perine fumble could land him in Gruden’s Dog House

Alex in CO: “How do you think the skins will be able to overcome the myriad injuries suffered during the KC game? Also, what’s up with Jamison Crowder? So far, he doesn’t seem to be targeted as much and isn’t having the dynamic effect that we expected after last years performance.

AJ in AZ: “I’ve been hearing that they should try to trade a seventh round pick for Adrian Peterson.. what do you think.”

Brad in MD: “What do you think about all those Monday Night injuries forcing rookies like Moreau (CB UCLA) and running back Perine into extended action? Will we see more Mack Brown? Lastly what is the are people saying about the Skins defense?


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