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Happy Friday and welcome the the B&G Reports first installment of “Skins Talk Q & A”. Last Monday’s game vs KC definitely provided Skins fans with questions and concerns. Many questions remain surrounding the multiple injuries suffered on Monday Night Football. Thank you all for some great questions, hopefully I can put some of your concerns at ease. Also I’ll provide some insight into where the team stands in regards to player depth during the bye week. Let’s get started! Marvin in MD: “We all know the NFL is now a passing league but do you think it’s time to invest on a higher round running back? We don’t have to use we don’t have to use a high mock in a Gurley or Elliot 1st round type of pick but maybe a 3rd round Kareem Hunt type of player would add so much to out already explosive offense?”

B&G– I couldn’t agree with you more Marvin and props to being the first question of the day! I think we will see the Redskins target a running back in the first three rounds in the 2018 draft. I actually did extensive scouting on KC’s RB Kareem Hunt, who killed the Redskins defense in the second half of Monday Night matchup in KC. The Skins really need a running back who can excel at pass catching, as well as grinding between the tackles. Penn States Sequon Barkley is the nations #1 rated rusher and a beast of a runner! Barkley seems be at top 20 pick at this point in the college season. That’s too high for my blood and I think with the Matt Jones 3rd round flop, the Skins might be a bit gunshy. I do like a few 2018 Draft prospects who could possibly be available in rounds 2-4, starting with University of Alabama’s Bo Scarborough. Bo is a massive man at 6’2 233, but runs a reported 4.50 40 which is crazy!  He’s built similar to his former teammate and current Tennessee Titan’s running back Derek Henry, but Bo is s better pass catcher and much shiftier. The Bama product looks to be a second round pick at this point, but a lot of scouting still must be done. I also like University of Georgia’s Nick Chubb. He’s dealt with a 2015 knee injury, as well as a few other nagging injuries. These types of consistent leg injuries will cause him to fall to rounds 2 or 3. When healthy he is a playmaker and could add a dimension that the Redskins don’t have in their stable of backs. Personally I’m waiting for Redskins 4th running back Mack Brown to get more of an opportunity. I think Brown can be a 20 carry a game back. Brown can also contribute in the passing game much like  Chris “Mighty Mouse” Thompson. I’d like to see Skins keep him active and let him take over returning punts for a hobbled Crowder. This would be anothet opportunity to show coaches his playmaking ability. We shall see though, Gruden is commited to Kelly and Perine, but the latest Perine fumble could land him in Gruden’s Dog House

Alex in CO: “How do you think the skins will be able to overcome the myriad injuries suffered during the KC game? Also, what’s up with Jamison Crowder? So far, he doesn’t seem to be targeted as much and isn’t having the dynamic effect that we expected after last years performance.

B&G-Although the injuries piled up Monday night vs the Chiefs, Redskins All Pro CB Josh Norman was the the only injury of concern. Jay Gruden announced that Norman suffered a fractured rib and slight lung damage. I think a realistic bet is Norman will be out 3-5 weeks, unless he can play through the pain. I’d like to see Norman heal up for the season stretch run and not push it. Playing San Fran following the bye week is a plus for sure. This will give the Redskins defense an opportunity to be more aggressive, when they face a lackluster 49er O-Line. They also lack receiver depth, so this will be a great opportunity for the Skins corners to be super aggressive with their jams! Also journeymen Brian Hoyer has not looked very efficient thus far. So Norman facing former Skins receiver Pierre Garçon two weeks removed from a broken rib, doesn’t make sense considering how physical the former Redskin plays. The bye week came at a good time, even though it fell so early in the season. The concern with Norman out is real though. This defense looked like they lost their Mojo when “The Cerebral Assassin” went down. I’m looking for the youngsters to step up now. I continue to be impressed by rookie safety Montae Nicholson’s toughness. At such a young age the Michigan State product seems to understand the difference between being hurt and being injured. Surprisingly Nicholson didn’t end up on the latest injury report and has already shown he has the toughness to play with the big boys. I’m looking for him to make more of an impact going forward. The best news of the day however was that Trent Williams knee will be fine, after his MRI was reviewed  by Redskins team physician Dr. James Andrews. It really seemed like half the Redskins starting roster was injured at one time or another on Monday night. The high humidity played a huge part in players cramping up and dealing with muscle strains. Seeing players go down, but then return shows this medical/athletic team is improving fir seasons past. Multiple players such as Martrell Spaight, Dunbar, Foster left the game, only to return after a series or two. This is when depth comes into play. Keep in mind D. Hall will be off the PUP list soon and players like DE Anthony Lanier, rookie DB’s Fabian Moreau & Josh Holsey need to get more opportunities. I’ve been high on these players since they were redshirting in college. Both corners have tenacity and athleticism, which Dunbar just doesn’t have. I do like Dunbar, but I wonder if he’s already hit his ceiling. He looks no bigger/stronger than last year and that is something I focus on with young DB’s. Fuller for example looks more muscular and quicker, which has made him a screen pass demolisher!  I think that these injuries could be blessings in disguise. Other players will now get their opportunities to showcase their talent, as well as continue the long overdue youth movement in D.C. As far as Jamison Crowder’s drop off, he is simply not healthy and in a similar boat as Jordan Reed. Coaches feel that at 70%-80%, both players still can make impacts just by being on the field. Giving the two a 10-15 snap count a game until they are 100%, seems like Gruden’s plan for now. The truth is Reed always has some type of lingering injury, but Crowder hasn’t dealt with hamstring issues before. A player like Jamison relies on quick cutting moves as well as his ability to stop & go to beat DB’s. Crowder is just not there yet health wise. Cousins is clearly avoiding his top two playmakers, until they show him they can get real separation in coverage. Crowder just doesn’t seem like he should be returning punts any longer. With two fumbles on returns already this season, it’s time to rethink how much punishment we let the slot star endure. At 5’8 they just should be focused on using him in the slot because that is where he is most valuable. Although Doctson dropped a would be game winning score, I envision Kirk targeting him as well as Pryor more gong for forward.

AJ in AZ: “I’ve been hearing that they should try to trade a seventh round pick for Adrian Peterson.. what do you think.”

B&G– Reports have surfaced that the Redskins have worked out a few players this week. One name I haven’t heard is former Packer RB James Stark. I think he’d be worth a tryout, but trading for Peterson isn’t likely. For one, Peterson is healthy and the Saints know they are better off using him in combination with the Saints other ball careers. As of now, I don’t see any RB that the Skins could trade for that would make a meaningull contribution this year. I’ll say again, Mack Brown needs more opportunities. I do like RB Robert Kelley, but he seems like he could be out of the league soon, if he continues to tack on all these leg injuries. Perine wasn’t my first choice to at RB in the draft, but his strength offer a change up similar to what the Skins had in Gerald Riggs. Thompson needs the ball more though. I previously wrote his snap count needs to be taken into account, but this is the NFL and you put your best playmakers on the field. Rather than continuously putting TE/FB Paul in the backfield, I’d like to see more change up with Perine and Thompson on the field together. Even better would be using Brown & Thompson because both could be motioned out into the slot. I think with the Skins O-Line emerging as a better run blocking unit, the Skins will look to invest in a true franchise running back in the 2018 Draft.

Brad in MD: “What do you think about all those Monday Night injuries forcing rookies like Moreau (CB UCLA) and running back Perine into extended action? Will we see more Mack Brown? Lastly what is the are people saying about the Skins defense?

B&G– As I mentioned in the last readers question, I see some of the injuries as blessings in disguise. The UCLA product Moreau has shown he is a Special Teams Demon, but getting thrown into starting action, isn’t ideal for a player who hasn’t had any 1st or 2nd team reps. This bye week will be the perfect opportunity to get this kids mentally ready. At this point it looks like Breeland & Dunbar will be the starters with Fuller playing the slot. That will put Morea in the thick of things as 4th corner. As we all know 3rd and fourth corners are playing higher snaps, based on teams using more spread formations with more receivers. Norman’s injury will also force the Redskins brass to activate the Auburn playmaking DB Josh Holsey. He will most likely be activated for his first NFL action against San Fran following the bye. Holsey dealt with multiple knee injuries at Auburn, but reports are he had a great/healthy training camp and loves to trash talk. I think he’ll fit in just fine with Redskins Skins Captain DJ Swearinger and the rest of this unit. The league is starting to recognize the Skins defense as legitimate. The unheralded contributions from DE Matt Ioanndis & rookie DE John Allen are a huge reason for this units rise to a top 10 ranked defense. Rankings can be deceiving this early in the season though, but still something to hang our hats on as Skins fans.

Great Success! I had a great time reading and answering reader questions. I hope I continue to get a big response, as I did with the first installment of “Skins Q & A”. Questions can be sent to me via FB Messenger, if your want to remain confidential otherwise directly on the social media posts work as well. During the bye week I’ll be posting “Player Profiles” on some of the Redskins younger/unheralded players.


CB Fabian Moreau

DB D. Hall

DE Anthony Lanier II

LB Josh Harvey-Clemons

OLB Ryan Anderson DE John Allen



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