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Skins Q & A

Welcome back to The B&G Report. The Vikings game was a total letdown. The Skins had opportunity after opportunity to capitalize against Minnesota, but it was the same old story. Player miscommunications, drops and just slipping in the end zone were just one reason for the loss. Other than DJ Swearinger picking off two passes, this defense just looked a step behind all day. Per Josh Norman’s recent comments “The defensive backs just looked lackadaisical”. Well it’s time to move on to the the New Orleans Saints. With 7 games to play, the Skins are still very much alive in the wildcard playoff race. In the meantime I received some great reader questions about the recent loss, as well as some thoughts on the rest of the season and beyond. Let’s get to it!

*Dan in VA- “Mo Harris looked awesome out there! Will the Skins continue to utilize him in the offense and special teams? Also what will be his role going forward? Love to hear your insight on the subject!”

*B&G Report- I couldn’t agree with you more Dan! I’ve written about Mo time and time again. He’s not just a good receiver, he’s a true throwback grinder. Harris can play all three wide receiver positions, in addition to that he instantly becomes the best blocking receiver on the squad. As far as special teams, I want him starting and I hate that the Skins use Crowder on returns as well. Crowder was my top receiver coming into this before Harris was elevated. So I’m looking for Harris to be a big part of this offense going forward. We’ll see less Pryor now, as long as Harris continues to be productive. The Saints have a decent defense, but they lack cornerback depth. This is an opportunity for Harris to really ball out and form a bond with Cousins. As we all know Kirk is all about “The Process” and getting Mo more than three targets will be the goal this Sunday.

*Jason in FL- “What has happened to this defense after looking so strong against Seattle? Also is there a chance John Allen could return from IR on the early designation tab?”

*B&G Report- Jason I just think many of these players on defense are running on empty. Early in the year Manusky had a good D-Line rotation, which kept the big guys fresh. Now with the rash of injuries, the backups are being forced into more snaps. They are struggling with consistency and technique at times as well. I think Manusky has been a blessing for this team though. When the players run their assignments and make tackles, they can be elite. The losses of John Allen & Matt Ioannidis have been felt. The recent release of former Practice Squad DT Brandon Banks seems to indicate #98The Golden Greek” will be active if he can play with a cast on his broken hand (Banks only active vs Vikings). Having the Temple product active, would be a huge boost going against the high powered 7-2 New Orleans Saints Offense. Even without a push up front, the Skins DB’s need to step up, play more aggressive and stop missing tackles.

*Ron in D.C.-“As a life long Redskins fan I’ve been lucky enough to be apart of the Redskins during their 80’s-90’s Super Bowls runs. I think it’s a long shot they make the playoffs this year, but what does their long term future look like? Another franchise tag for Cousins or contract? Thanks for taking my long winded questions,I love the Die Hard insight on The B&G Report!”

*B&G Report- First off I want to thank you for visiting The B&G Report and I’m honored to answer your questions. As for the Skins playoff chances, winning out is the only sure way to get one of the two wildcard spots. As it stands now there are ten NFC teams with 5 wins or better, with half of them having 6 or more wins. I’ve also had the privilege of witnessing the Skins SB runs, but I don’t believe we are as far off as people believe. Extending Coach Jay Gruden, as well as promoting Greg Manusky from OLB Coach to Defensive Coordinator was a great move! He has single handedly changed the culture of this team. The defense was starting to show they were a top five defense before losing key starters on defense. Another draft and this team could be a contender next year. Five of the final seven games will be played against NFC teams(3 games vs NFC East) so they have a shot, but it’s a long shot for sure. Now as far as Kirk Cousins future in D.C. goes, well that’s all about “The Process” right? I think Cousins knows he can make over $25 million a year in the open market. He’ll probably also generate north of $88 million guaranteed, surpassing Andrew Luck’s guarantees and just under Matthew Stafford’s $92 million guaranteed. In the end Cousins will most likely get the 3rd and final franchise designation from the Skins, which will pay him over $32 million for 2018.

I enjoyed going through all the reader questions and apologize to those that I didn’t get to answer. Please feel free to message The B&G Report anytime with questions, hopefully they’ll get in the the next Skins Q & A. Stayed tuned for the next B&G Rookie Spotlight which will feature Tight End Jeremy Sprinkle. HTTR!🏹🏈



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