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Rookie Spotlight

Rookie Spotlight ILB/S Josh Harvey-Clemons

Welcome back to the B&G Report! I hope the readers enjoyed the last Skins Q &A. It’s Dallas week and the B&G Report is excited to bring you the second installment of “Rookie Spotlight”. Last entry I went through my personal favorite rookie in safety Montae Nicholson. Nicholson has started most of the year, but today I’ll present a rookie who will see his first regular season action as a professional. Josh Harvey-Clemons aka “JHC” will be in the B&G Spotlight today. Let’s get to it!

ILB/S Josh Harvey-Clemons

6’4 226 Louisville Univ   Josh Harvey-Clemons was the Redskins 230th pickoverall in the 2017 Draft. JHV dealt with multiple marijuana suspensions during his time at Louisville, which contributed to his draft day slide. I personally liked the late round selection, but if he has another positive test that would probably be the end of his career. So a late round flier is ideal for a player with such high upside. The Louisville product could have been drafted as early as the 3rd/4thround, if not for the multiple suspensions. Scouting reports compared him to a “Poor man’sKam Chancellor” with a “alpha mentality”. He was a highly touted five star national HS recruit, but again off the field issues hurt him in college. This Sunday will be JHC’s first career start, other than the preseason. The highlight of his preseason action occurred vs the TB Bucs, in which he recorded a pick six to the house (picture below).

*Harvey-Clemons Rookie Season* I envision JHC as a special teams gunner this year, with an opportunity to play in sub-packages/Dime formations. It will be interesting to see what happens with the possible retirement of  SuaCravens, even though he’s  listed at strong safety. Harvey-Clemons looks to be ideal for a SS, as opposed to ILB in my opinion. If he can put on 15-20 lbs by next season, that could change his role. I see him getting washed out by O-Lineman often, if he plays the traditional ILB spot though. He isn’t the fastest player and was injured at the combine, so he has no real numbers to stand by. He’s projected to be have 4.6 speed, which is decent for his size. Ideally JHC is best suited to grow on the practice squad, but the fear was another team would pick him up. The Dallas game will be a perfect opportunity to showcase what he can do on special teams. *Harvey-Clemons Future* I’ll be surprised if Sua Cravens returns to the Redskins, but who knows with the perpetual dysfunction annually in Redskins Park. Ultimately the Skins will either need to draft a strong safety next year or sign a free agent. As of now the only safety’s I envision being on the Redksins roster next year are Swearinger & Nicholson, so depth will be needed. If the Skins can resign ILBZachBrown and continue to develop Martrell Spaight, I think JHC would be better served moving to SS. His range is what has Skins coaches are enamored with. Having an ILB with extremely long arms and a 31 inch vertical is ideal for batting down passes at the line of scrimmage. He just doesn’t have the frame in my opinion to be an every down ILB, so tweener will be Harvey-Clemons calling card. A former Redskin Lorenzo Alexander turned his “Swiss Army Knife” skill set into a nice little career. The Buffalo Bills OLB is on pace for another Pro Bowl type season, already accumulating 39 tackles, 2 sacks and 2 fumble recoveries. Alexander was a player that consistently fluctuated in weight, based on the Redskins needs and finally settled in at OLB. The Louisville U product has the ceiling to be a big time player and can be productive like Alexander was for the Redskins, but for his sake I hope it’s at SS.

Thanks for visiting the B&G Report. Hopefully this Rookie review was informative and will keep you coming back for more! It’s Alumni Weekend at FedEx Field and the former Redskins Greats will be on display! This rivalry game has possible early season playoff implications and will be no cake walk for the Redskins! Stay tuned for the Dallas Cowboy Primer! HTTR🏹🏈



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