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Rookie Spotlight

Rookie CB Joshua Holsey

The Prospect

Selected 235th overall, Joshua Holsey was projected to be an early round prospect. Unfortunately that was before dealing with a myriad of injuries, while playing for Auburn. The cornerback played in 44 career games at Auburn and registered 118tackles and 4 interceptions. Holsey was the unquestioned leader of the Auburn secondary, during his final year and was known for his trash talking on the field. The undersized DB frequently faced receivers well over 6’2 215lbs, but always seemed to time the ball well and make plays with precision (You Tube above). Holsey also excelled off the field, earning All ACC Academic Honors. Staying healthy was this issue for the talented corner though. When Holsey dealt with a second ACL injury to his left knee, he looked to his father for courage and guidance. Holsey’s father is a U.S. Army veteran who lost his leg in 2004 while stationed in Iraq. His father was part of a military convoy, that ran over an IED explosive. He was stationed in the Middle East at the time and would later be transferred to a military hospital in Germany, before returning permanently stateside. At only 10 years old, the younger Holsey watched his father fight and overcome adversity. He didn’t know it at the time, but his fathers tragedy would be a blessing in the future. During a surgery consultation, Holsey was advised by doctors that a second ACL repair would end his career as a football player. The young DB had another option though. The Auburn DB was told that he would have a chance to continue his football career, but the invasive procedure wouldn’t be easy. Doctors explained that a surgery removing the tendon from his good knee, would be the only alternative. The tendon would be grafted to his torn ACL, which would give the youngster an opportunity to continue playing the sport he loved. He feared that having procedures on both knees, would still hurt his chances to make it to the pros. The Auburn cornerback looked to his father for guidance. Holsey recalls as a young child witnessing his father rehabbing with a prosthetic leg, after only 3 months post amputation. Holsey learned early on in life the benefits of rehab, taking care of his body and never giving up from his father. He would bring that same drive to the Washington Redskins. On draft night, Holsey vowed to play with a chip on his shoulder, after dropping to the 7th round in the NFL draft. He knew his hurdles would be nothing compared to what his father dealt with though.

The First Season

The Future

Stay tuned for the next B&G Report and the Dallas Pre-Game Primer!


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