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Reader Request Draft Prospect Spotlight: Featuring “Mr. Excitement”

Martez Carter 5’9 205 Grambling State

It’s been a while, but The B&G Report Reader Request is back! It’s pretty easy to pick a top 50 prospect, but some of the reader suggestions gained my intrigue. Jason from Atlanta asked;

“Please take a look at Grambling State running back Martez Carter, he’d be a good fit with the Redskins“.

I was pleasantly surprised after reviewing Carter’s film. His lack of size at 5’9 205 was my initial concern, but Carter didn’t disappoint on tape. Before we analyze his potential fit in Washington though, a look at his collegiate production must go under the spotlight!

College Production

Martez Carter is a small town kid from Louisiana, who didn’t get many looks by college scouts. His fire and determination would be key to his future though. Although he didn’t garner much national attention during his time at Richwood High School, the youngster never lacked confidence. Carter grew up with three brothers and dealt with a rough upbringing. His father dealt with incarceration and substance abuse, his mother was never home per Carter because she was always working to support her four boys. His older brothers were also in and out of the prison system. He was even homeless for a time. Per Richwood HS Vice Principal Eric Davis;

“He was homeless and we didn’t know he was homeless, he had done that for months and we never knew because he never led on what was really going on with him. That’s the type of kid we’re talking about. He was going to do whatever he needed to do even if he had to do it by himself.”

Saying this kid has dealt with adversity, would be an understatement. In 2014 Carter was accepted to Grambling without much fan fare. He was used primarily as a scout team kick/punt returner, but every time he touched the ball, he was electric!

Coaches soon realized they had a special talent on their hands. Carter quickly earned the nickname “Mr. Excitement” and became the Tigers number one offensive weapon by 2015. On the outside Carter’s confidence might come off as arrogant, that has proven not to be the case though. Coaches and Teammates say that he’s a humble young man, but something changes in him when he puts on the pads per teammates.

“Once I get the ball, it’s like I just turn into a different person, I’m a different person, a different type of athlete and I just feel like I have to score.”

Fast forward to 2017 in which Carter rushed 854 yards and 10 TD’s, in addition he had 351 receiving yards for 3 TD’s. In 2017 Carter was used less on special teams per coaches, due to the fact that he was simply to valuable to Grambling’s offense. Between 2014-2016 Carter averaged over 24.0 yards a kick return and ran back 4 kick returns for touchdowns.

Carter was the only player on the Tigers offense, that opposing teams feared. So by 2017, opposing defenses would dedicate a “Spy LB/SS” to Carter and would load the box. This was a last ditch effort, by opposing teams to minimize Carter’s impact. Carter still managed to have a 5.1 yard per carry average during his time at Grambling. He also averaged over 3.2 yards after contact, which speaks highly of his bruising running style at only 5’9!


It’s rare these days to see playmaking college running backs who also excels on special teams. Looking at small school playmakers is always a good way to find such prospects. I miss the days of Brian Mitchell returning kicks and then lining up in the jumbo run formations for Washington. Ironically enough I do see some of the same fire in Carter that Mitchell displayed during his time in D.C.

Per draft evaluators, Carter compares highly to Chicago Bears Tarik Cohen. Cohen isn’t just a scat back and would be a potential starter on other teams, if not for his 5’6 179 pound frame.

Carter is projected as a 5th round-UDFA prospect at this point. His 40 yard dash time will go a long way in determining his true draft position. He looks more quick than fast on tape though. In the end he’ll still will run in the low 4.4’s when he’s timed at his Pro Day. Carter didn’t receive an invite to the NFL Combine, so his Pro Day workout will be huge.

As far as Carter’s potential fit in Washington? Many factors could play a role. If a free agent is signed to be the Skins lead back, Carter would be a practice squad developmental RB at best.

I would be surprised if the Skins wait until rounds 5-6 to select a running back. If they do wait I can envision Carter stepping in as the primary Kick/Punt returner. He would most likely get slowly integrated into Gruden’s rotation with Perine and Thompson.

I’m not comfortable with Thompson being the only true playmaker on offense (Reid can’t stay healthy). A playmaker like Mr. Excitement could fill Chris Thompson role if injured as well. early in his career.

The primary difference between Carter and Thompson is Carter’s ability to stay healthy. Carter must show that he can be an effective pass blocker, but most college backs need time to develop that in the NFL. Having a weapon like Carter at Alex Smith’s disposal could dramatically change the way this offense moves the ball.

A potential formation in which Thompson and Carter are in the game simultaneously, would propel this offense to a new level! I’ve heard arguments that they don’t need another Thompson type back, I couldn’t disagree more. In the modern day NFL having backs who can split out wide/in the slot forces defenses to change the their rush schemes.

If Redskins wait until the 5th round to draft a running back, Carter would receive the B&G Report’s seal of approval! I want to thank the readers for their many Draft prospect suggestions,

Stay tuned for the next Reader Request Draft Prospect Spotlight. In the next edition a Defensive Prospect will go under the Spotlight!


Written By Adam Aniba



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