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Peters Introduced "Build Through the Draft and Supplement Through Free Agency" | Washington Commanders

Written By Adam Aniba

It's a new day for the Commanders with former San Francisco 49ers Assistant GM Adam Peterson officially named the new General Manger on Tuesday afternoon, signing a 5-year deal for an undisclosed amount.

During today's introductory press conference Peters had the following to say when asked about the roster he'll inherit.

"There are a few cornerstone pieces on this roster and I believe we have a lot of work to do. The process is an ongoing evaluation."

Peters was clear during the press conference that he isn't focused on just one type of head coaching philosophy.

"We want the best leader for this team. It's not going to be in a box — offense or defense — it's going to be the best leader for this organization."

Peters made it clear during the presser that the coaching search will be a collaborative effort and that the coach will be heavily involved during the roster construction process. He also made it clear that Washington is not in a "total rebuild", but having the 2nd selection in the draft gives the team options.

Peters was asked how he planned to evaluate the quarterback position in the off-season and the draft.

"Quarterback just like all the positions, we're gonna sit down and evaluate and that process will start when we hire the head coach and staff. We're gonna do that collaboratively."

Although the NFL Draft will be a focus for fans during the off-season, free agency will occur first. It's expected Peters and the new head coach will hit the ground running looking to potentially sign a few blue chip veterans.

One thing seems certain though, Washington will have an entirely new look and identity this September.



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