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Media Mogul Making a Bid to Buy the Team | Washington Commanders

Updated: May 6, 2023

By Adam Aniba

News broke this week that Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder is looking into selling the team, which is music to the ears of long suffering fans.

Per CNBC, Snyder is being investigated by the House Oversight Committee and the NFL with complaints of sexual harassment and potential financial improprieties. The NFL’s probe is being led by former Securities and Exchange Chair Mary Jo White.

"Alleged financial misconduct is also the subject of a criminal probe by federal prosecutors with the U.S. attorney’s office in the Eastern District of Virginia".

Things are heating up and the sale of the Commanders is finally a very real reality. Most fans aren't too concerned with who buys the team, as long as Snyder is gone, but nevertheless, it's been the majority of chatter on social media.

Billionaire Jeff Bezoz and rap artist Jaz-Z have been linked to potentially bidding on the team, but Snyder's destain for The Washington Post (Bezos purchased WAPO in '13) is well documented and could be a deal breaker.

Another name has been mentioned in connection with the Commanders, based on their recent failed pursuit to buy an NFL franchise.

Media Mogul Byron Allen and his group came up short on their bid to purchase the Denver Broncos, which ultimately sold for $4.65 billion to Walmart heir Rob Walton.

Goodell and others around the NFL have reached out to Allen in regards to becoming a franchise owner per a Bloomberg news report.

“NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft came to me in November of 2019 and asked me to take a good look at buying an NFL team."

Although Allen came up short in his bid to purchase the Broncos, he seems intent on owning an NFL team. Becoming the first-ever Black controlling owner in the league is a huge goal of Allen when questioned by TMZ.

“Listen, buying an NFL football team is a process and we had the pleasure of being a part of that process. We didn’t get this one, but I’m highly confident we’ll get the next one. We gon' find something, we're going to get it done. It's just a matter of time."

Allen's Background

Allen's is known for his background as a television producer and comedian. As the owner of the American broadcast empire Entertainment studios, his net worth is estimated at $800 million. Allen is reportedly extremely likeable and down to earth, in addition to being viewed as one of the most under-the-radar personalities in Hollywood.

In 2018, Allen purchased The Weather Channel television network for $300 million. After the purchase, Allen's declaration surprised some.

"I plan to spend about $10 billion in total over the next few years, in a bid to invest heavily in acquisitions and become the nation's biggest broadcaster."

Between Allen's two companies, he now owns 12 cable networks and actively produces around 70 television shows that air on affiliates across the country.

Per NFL rules, 30% would have to come directly from Allen's pocket at the time of purchase, regardless of how much money he'll have behind him. Many believe the league will relax the rules, if it could lead to their desire to "add diversity" to the NFL ownership fraternity.

With an expected potential sale price of upwards of $6 billion dollars, dropping $1.8 billion isn't an easy ask. Regardless, the NFL will be heavily involved in the next owner of the Washington franchise and the sale will finally lead to a fresh start for fans.

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