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Honoring Sean Taylor and Getting it Right This Time | Washington Redskins

Updated: May 5, 2023

By Adam Aniba

Washington heads into a pivotal matchup vs Atlanta this Sunday with an opportunity to improve to 7-5. But the story of the week is the ceremony, that will be held pre-game at FedEx Field.

Honoring Redskins great Sean Taylor is important to Washington fans, but it has been something owner Dan Snyder has continuously dropped the ball on. In fact, Snyder has greatly profited off of Taylor's fame and themed merchandise, since the death of the safety.

WIth a statue being unveiled honoring Taylor and players wearing a #21 decal on their helmet, it's already a significant improvement over their last attempt.

Last November, Washington retired Taylor's number with a half-ass ceremony that left fans cringing. It started with the family only getting a few days notice to attend the event at FedEx Field. It continued with a street sign dedication ceremony, which was overshadowed by the fact that Taylor's family was asked to pose with porta-potties in the background.

During halftime, Taylor's family was ushered onto the field for a brief PA announcement, officially retiring Taylor's #21. Family members were handed a framed Taylor jersey during the PA announcement and quickly ushered off to a roped off area.

The timing of the event was also suspicious and coincided with the infamous Bruce Allen email exchange going public, only hours before the halftime ceremony. The controversial emails centered around racist, sexist and homophobic subject matter, which led some to speculate that the ceremony was for the purpose of diverting attention.

It was believed that Snyder was aware of the Allen report, in addition to having advance notice that The NY Times would be releasing a story centered around Allen's emails on the day of the game.

The recent details of the Taylor statue unveiling, also include the release of a themed merchandise line the "Sean Taylor Legacy Project", designed by Taylor's daughter Jackie. It was announced that all the proceeds from the merchandise, would go to the Legacy Project charity.

The statue unveiling will hopefully involve members of the Taylor family and former teammates having an opportunity to talk, about their father/friend and the impact that he had on their lives.

There isn't a perfect way to honor Taylor that would adequately satisfy everyone. In saying that, it will be a an opportunity to show the Taylor family the respect that they deserve and honor a Redskins great that was taken from us far too soon.

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