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Getting the Ball in Robinson's Hands and Analyzing Turner's Comments | Washington Commanders

Updated: May 5, 2023

By Adam Aniba

The loss to the New York Giants left a sour taste in the mouth of Washington fans, particularly the head scratching calls made by the officiating team. In the end, the Commanders still had an opportunity to win the game, but OC Scott Turner doesn't seem to be embracing the same philosophy that Rivera has. The head coach has been adamant, his vision is for the offense to have a Power Run philosophy.

Despite averaging over 7.0 yards per carry with a pile moving first half 19 yard rumble, Turner turned away from his bell cow running back Brian Robinson Jr in the second half.

During today's media session, Turner was asked about Robinson's lack of snaps in the second half vs New York.

"There's always plays here and there you'd like to change. We really should have given him the ball more."

Turner went onto say, they featured a balanced game with 26 runs and 29 passes. The statement further cements the fact, Turner is in complete denial that he lacks situational in game awareness.

On one occasion during the presser, Turner discussed the lack of long and sustained 12-15 play drives, which they've been accustomed to. He pointed to that as a contributor, which took away opportunities for Robinson to run the ball more.

He admitted he needed to be more aware, but it just seemed like more of the same excuses fans have come to expect from the Commanders offensive coordinator.

In fact, he utilized receiver Curtis Samuel on five runs, which resulted in 1 yard and a long of 2 yards. On a key second half 3rd down and short, he had Samuel in the backfield, rather than Robinson. The predictable gadget play resulted in a loss for Samuel with the Giants defense knowing exactly what was coming their way.

Turner seems to believe his game plan works and various in-game situations are the root cause of the ineffectiveness. If Washington is to have any hope of grabbing a wildcard birth, Turner will need to embrace his offensive lines limitations in pass protection.

In the end it's pretty simple, keep feeding Robinson the ball, otherwise this team has little chance of winning any of their remaining games.

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