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Draft Night Strategy: What to Expect from Washington

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Draft Night Strategy

Draft Night has arrived! Redskins fans have flooded social media with their thoughts on who the Redskins should select with their first pick in Round 1. The uncertainty is evident and has created intrigue from reports of a possible Josh Rosen trade or draft night trade for Kyler Murray or Dwayne Haskins. Talks of Washington's interest in Drew Lock have been quiet, but the Mizz Quarterback has to be on their radar

The dominoes will fall after the first selection by the Arizona Cardinals. Will they select Kyler MurrayNick Bosa or trade the pick? Whatever happens, Washington reportedly wants to walk away with a franchise Quarterback. It's unlikely that Murray, Lock and Haskins will last past #13.

So, what should fans expect?

Quarterback Talk

This draft class may lack Randy Moss like star-power, but playmakers will be availble through Round 3. Within the top 25, fans can always count on at least 5 players drafted way too early. However, it happens every draft and creates a talent free fall, which in turn will affect the Redskins’ option early on.

This year the Quarterback position will take center stage, but some fans will be hoping they pass on an early round signal caller altogether and look to 2020 to fill the void. The likelihood of Alex Smith ever returning looks bleak and news recently surfaced that Colt McCoy had a third surgery on his broken leg.

ESPN reporter Diana Russini posted insider information regarding the Washington’s current situation at Quarterback.

"Make no mistake of it, the Washington Redskins are in the market for a QB. Sources have indicated Dwayne Haskins is their target despite multiple holes at several positions on this roster. I'm also told the Redskins Draft board is set." 

Since the Robert Griffin trade-up debacle, the Redskins have shown a more restrained war room strategy. The hope is Haskins will fall to #15 or a realistic trade up spot such as #10. Denver holds the tenth overall pick and the Redskins have done business with them over the years, so that's a scenario to pay close attention to.

It's most likely that the top signal callers will be off the board at #15, so the Redskins could address that need on Day 2 with WVU QB WIll Grier. Multiple meetings between Grier and Jay Gruden have been a story that has fallen by the wayside within the national media.

The health of the current Redskins Quarterbacks could force Washington to panic and trade valuable assets to move up. Owner Dan Snyder and President Bruce Smith will make the final decision per reports.

After the Quarterback 

The Redskins need for an Edge Rusher, Left Guard, Free Safety, Wide Receiver and Tight End are well documented. Staying at pick #15 overall assures them a starter and a potential game changer at one of those positions.

FSU's Brian Burns has been the hot name on many mocks for the Redskins, along with Michigan’s ILB Devin Bush. Considering the premium put on the position, the odds of the FSU pass rushing dynamo sitting at #15 are unlikely. Bush is also an impressive prospect, but the current Alabama Inside Linebacker duo of S. Dion Hamilton & Reuben Foster are the presumptive starters and selecting Bush might be a luxury on Day 1. Competition is the key to success, but immediate playmakers are needed for this team.

Oklahoma's Marquise "Hollywood" Brown could be the piece that brings the passing game and run game together. Some may wonder how a 5-10 160 lbs receiver can help the run game. Unlike current Redskins’ speedster Paul Richardson, Brown can run every route, most notably bubble screens and comeback routes forcing defenses to account for Brown's whereabouts at all times.

The Redskins run game needs deception and having a playmaker such as Hollywood Brown would allow Gruden to use Brown in a similar fashion to how the Chiefs utilize WR Tyreek Hill. Kansas City often times will lineup Hill on one side of the quarterback with a running back on the other side creating a run/pass look. Defenses have had difficulty dealing with these formations.

Jay Gruden showed signs in 2018 of an evolved offense which utilizes more college concepts. What better way to implement his system than by selecting Hollywood Brown at #15 or in a trade-back and grabbing Will Grier in Round 2.

The Washington Redskins are in a win now situation with game attendance down and a new stadium in the works. With Gruden in the hot seat, can Snyder and Allen resist the urge to trade up for one of the top 3 quarterbacks? If Washington continues to just trust their board, as they have for the last two drafts, a blue-chip playmaker should land in their lap.

It's anyone's guess what the Redskins will do with their first selection, but the first step in competing in the NFC East will be to solidify the pass rush and offensive line (building through the trenches). Holding on to to all their picks and possibly acquiring more via trade-back, could result in a 9-10 win season and that's the ceiling that Redskins should expect.

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By Adam Aniba



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