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Draft Night Is Here!

Redskins Draft Prep *Offense* Draft Night is finally here Redskin fans! This is a chance for the Skins to build their roster for the present and future. Many draft experts say this is the deepest draft for defensive prospects in years!

Yesterday I focused on early & late round defensive prospects, tonight I’ll share my thoughts about a few later round offensive prospects that I really like and believe fit some of the Redskins needs. The Skins need to go defense with their first overall pick, but adding to this already productive offense in rounds 3-7 has to be considered. They did Sign WR’s Pryor and Quick to replace Jackson & Garçon at WR, but both are on 1 year deals. If I’m the Redskins brass, I’m using a 4th/5th round on a WR who could be ready to contribute on special teams this year and be ready to contribute on offense in 2018. Also Quick is no shore bet to make this team because I personally believe second year WR Mo Harris(6’3 215) has a chance to take his spot. I have a fondness for two particular under the radar WR’s who excelled in college, but for some reason have not generated any hype. Let’s get started Redskin Fans!

*LA Tech WR Carlo Henderson 5’11 200lbs

Henderson played for a school in Louisiana Tech that didn’t get much national attention, but this kid is productive and can be dynamic. The knock on him is he was a one year wonder. He thrived as kick returner at LA Tech, which could be his ticket to Washington. In my opinion he is a Pierre Garçon clone when Garçon entered the league out of Mount Union. He definitely doesn’t play to his size, just like Garçon he uses strength and his 4.4 speed to beat DB’s. Although Henderson needs a lot of work with route tree concepts, he excels at crossing routes and the Redskins love to run that play. I think if he’s sitting their in the 4th round, the Skins should draft him. One year production is never ideal for a WR/KR, but that’s why Henderson will fall to the 4th round, even though he’s a 2nd/3rd round talent.

*Texas A&M WR Josh Reynolds 6’3 194 lbs

Reynolds is a bit of an enigma. Although he has ideal size, decent strength and runs a 4.5 forty yard dash, he struggles at times to get off jams at the line and get open on deep routes. These are issues that he can be coached up on, but his red zone presence makes him a perfect fit for the Redskins. I know fans will say his measurables mirror current Skins receiver Doctson, who missed most of last season due to injury, but he’s a different player than Doctson. Doctson is more of a 50/50 jump ball target that can out run DB’s, but Reynolds uses his body to box out defenders inthe red zone. The Skins were one the the worst red zone offenses in the NFL last season, even though they were a top #5 passing offense. Plug in Reynolds as a situational redzone target to start and when Pryor leaves for free agency next year, they won’t have to look for another redzone threat in the ’18 Draft. So if he’s available in the late 4th or 5th rounds, the Redskins should pull the trigger, so they can finally move on from the under achieving Ryan Grant.

*Ohio State RB/WR Curtis Samuel 5’11 196 lbs

Samuel is a bit of a tweener, but he is much more than a 3rd down back. Samuel is another player who will be drafted for his kick return skills to start, until his true position is defined. I believe with more time in the weight room and more work on route running, Samuel could be a steal if he’s sitting there in the 4th/5th round. His pass blocking is a concern, but honestly what college running backs excel in pass pro until they get NFL coaching.

*Michigan TE Jake Butt 6’5 250 lbs Although this draft is deep at TE, I really like Butt’s intangibles. He’s a very good run blocker with good strength, but he can also be a receiving threat in the middle of the field at 6’5. Although Butt was the Big Ten Tight End of the year in 2015, he tore is ACL in 2016, which has contributed to his draft stock falling. Prior to his injury many draft experts thought he could be a second round selection. Many fans believe adding a third TE is a luxury for the Skins, but with Reed & Paul’s injury history and Davis’s age, the Skins have to walk away from this draft with a tight end. Although I like tight ends such as Clemson’s Leggett or Ole Miss TE Ingram better, the Skins have a flex tight end already and Butt offers more versatility in the run game/play action. If the Wolverine tight end is sitting there in the 5th round, that would be a prime spot for the Skins to select him. In the end the Redskins need to build their defense thru the draft, but picking up a LG, RB and WR are very likely moves after rounds 1 and 2. Now it’s Draft Time Redskin Fans! Hail to the Redskins!!! 🏈 – [ ]



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