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Dotson is Convinced Howell is the One | Washington Commanders

By Adam Aniba

Even though Training Camp doesn't kickoff for another 6 weeks, second year QB Sam Howell has already left a lasting impression.

Jahan Dotson was recently on with Jim Rome and believes Howell is the guy.

In a recent article by Senior Writer Zach Selby, HC Ron Rivera likes what he's seen from Howell.

"He's mobile, he's got good foot movement, he's got quick twitch to him, good decision maker. He is still learning to make those decisions, but he's also got the arm talent and that's the thing that excites us."

New OC/Asst. Coach Eric Bieniemy will likely lean on the run game early on, but drawing up high percentage passing concepts will help Howell during his maturation process.

Dotson briefly discussed some of the new concepts he's excited for in the offense, during a recent post practice presser.

"We have a lot of crafty screens for all of our talented pass catchers."

The notion that Rivera would go with journeyman Jacoby Brissett on the last year of his contract was always far fetched, as was the idea that there was some kind of open competition at QB.

Howell needs to get the lion's share of reps during training camp and continue to build a rapport with all his receivers, tight ends, running backs and O-line.

The former UNC signal caller is a self proclaimed film junkie. His focus on refining his footwork and attention to detail has been evident.

"I feel like I'm a lot better. Once I knew we had EB I was watching Kansas City film and seeing what they were doing. I was able to watch my footwork." (ESPN)

It's great to have a competent backup, but there should be little question that Howell gives Washington the best opportunity for a winning season under Bieniemy's tutelage.



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