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Are Trent’s Issues Deeper Than Just Money? What You Need To Know

Another Drama Filled Offseason

Well, it wouldn't be a Redskins offseason if drama didn't grab the national headlines. It was first reported that Redskins LT Trent Williams was a no-show for mandatory minicamp due to contract issues.

Williams has been regarded as the league’s best left tackle by many of his peers and being ranked as the 9th highest paid OL in the game ($13.2 million in '19) was thought to be the root of the issue. Not so fast! Per Jason La Canfora of The NFL Network, Williams’ issues with the Redskins run deeper than his salary.

 "Trent Williams issues with Skins are not financial at all according to numerous sources with knowledge of the situation. He's told teammates he has demanded a trade or his release from the club due to their handling of his recent medical situation. Has vowed not to play for them." 

Many believe that a March 2019 medical procedure, in which Williams had a growth/tumor removed from his scalp, has reportedly led to bad blood between the player and team. Luckily it turned out not to be malignant, which is what doctors initially feared.

There is no mistaking the fact that Williams could be one of the most important players on the roster. His availability could determine this team’s and ultimately their rookie franchise quarterback’s success this year and beyond.

Teammate and friend Adrian Peterson spoke to Michael Phillips of The Richmond Times-Dispatch who had a different take on the report.

“I don’t know where that came from. I talk to him all the time and I’ve never heard him say that.” (regarding the Trent Williams report) 

As the news day progressed on Wednesday, another Redskin teammate commented on the situation. This time, RT Morgan Moses spoke with ESPN Redskins reporter John Keim and had the following to say:

“It’s about time somebody like that stands up, it’s not just a situation here; it happens throughout the league. To have one of our peers like Trent to stand up like that means a lot.” 

Keim followed up his report by mentioning that complaints have been aplenty over the years regarding the Redskins’ medical staff and communication during player recoveries.

Considering Williams has had multiple injury issues during his time in Washington and has played through tremendous pain, it begs the question,how much longer does Williams want to play or does he desire a fresh start elsewhere?

As fans, we should temper our anxieties regarding the situation until specific details are released. Coach Jay Gruden deflected questions to the team’s medical staff, but didn’t deny reports that Williams was disgruntled about how the medical procedure details were released to the media. This seems like another situation in which the Redskins dropped the ball, but the real details will soon surface. Hopefully, it’s Williams himself who'll set the record straight.

By Adam Aniba

Follow on Twitter @TheBandGreport



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