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A New Beginning with Harris and Magic | Washington Commanders

By Adam Aniba

The long awaited sale of the Washington Commanders became official this week. The jubilation at the various fan rallies was something that hasn't been seen with Washington fans for years.

The Snyder's also released a statement regarding the sale, but once again patted themselves on the back and took the opportunity to display their delusional stance as owners.

During the press conference Harris was asked about his thoughts on a new stadium.

"We want a stadium where opposing teams hate to come and fans love to come. That’s what I experienced at RFK".

Harris and others also made the right decision not bringing up Snyder or the negotiation process.

Magic Johnson didn't hold back his joy of being a co-owner.

"God is so good…I still can’t believe it! I am currently living in an answered prayer. Since beginning my journey as an athlete and now businessman and team owner, it's all been a dream that has come full circle. I grew up playing football as a kid, I’m a huge NFL fan, and I watch games every week. Now, I get to co-own a storied franchise, the Washington Commanders".

Johnson also addressed the Commander's staff and laid out his expectations.

Although Magic only has a minority ownership stake, it's already evident that the NBA Hall of Famer will have a front and center role as one of the faces of the organization.

Harris was asked about his immediate priorities as Washington's new owner and upgrading FedEx was a point of emphasis, but so was the fan experience.

Harris admitted there's a lot of work to do, but the ownership group is dedicated to bringing the team back to greatness.

DC Council member Vince Gray also weighed in on Twitter, regarding the team putting their future stadium back in the District of Columbia.

Although recreating the RFK atmosphere from the glory days is a nearly impossible feat, it truly feels the Harris group is up to the task.

Although Dan Snyder professed his fandom for the Redskins after buying the team in 1999, it was quickly evident he knew very little about the teams history or even cared about it for that matter.

On the flipside, Hall of Fame Skins cornerback Darrell Green believes Harris and his group are genuine and stated the new owner reached out to him via telephone prior to the sale becoming official this week.

"I feel there's a genuineness there. These are business people but there's a human side. We were the heart of the region and that heart had a heart attack. We need to take our place again".

It's a new era for Washington and it's fans with a roster that might be the best that they've had in years. Hopefully now the discussion among fans and the media will be centered around the team, not the shortcomings and atrocities that Snyder gave fans for 24 years.

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